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MCR Graffiti - Character Nine 2006.

Graffiti characters refer to the symbols and images used by artists to create their works. These characters can range from simple drawings and illustrations to complex and intricate designs. Some popular types of graffiti characters include:

  • Cartoon characters: Depictions of well-known cartoon characters, such as Mickey Mouse or SpongeBob SquarePants.

  • Abstract characters: Unique symbols and shapes created by the artist, often inspired by nature or technology.

  • Stencil characters: Cut-out shapes or outlines that are repeated to create a larger image.

  • Portraits: Representations of real people or celebrities, often with a political or social message.

  • Wildstyle characters: Complex and interlocking characters that are meant to be read only by other graffiti artists.

These characters are an important aspect of graffiti art and help artists express their ideas and messages. The use of graffiti characters is also often tied to an artist's individual style and can help them stand out and be recognized within the graffiti community.

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